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Bocote Wood Baron Fountain Pen #168

Our Price: £64.99
Bocote is a large canopy tree, with some specimens reaching up to 40m tall and 1m diameter, with a straight cylindrical bole above a narrow buttress. The name Bocote is Spanish for the species of Cordia that grows in Central America.
Bocote is a particularly fine, beautiful wood, with colours varying from light to golden brown and variegated irregular markings. It has an attractive ray fleck figure if quarter sawn. Bocote is a strong lustrous wood, with medium and uniform texture and straight or shallowly interlocked grain.
Bocote is in great demand for fine cabinetry, fine furniture, decorative and figured veneer, mouldings, inlay work, joinery, and turnery.
Bocote is a hard, dense, and fairly oily tropical wood that is highly prized for its dramatic, wild striping. These dark brown or black streaks, which sometimes form in concentric circles, give Bocote its defining look and lend finished products a truly distinctive appearance.

A high quality pen offered with bright chrome plating. A classic look to a stunning pen.

The cap is postable and can be screwed onto the end of the barrel if desired.

This fountain pen features a premium gold and iridium two tone medium sized nib to ensure smooth effortless writing.

Length 129mm
Width (widest point) 13mm
Weight 39g
Nib width : Medium

Included in the price
  • Standard Ink Cartridge
  • Twist Ink Pump so you can use bottled inks
  • Presentation Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Wood information sheet
  • Guarantee
  • FREE Delivery on all orders, worldwide