Hendry Pens carry a 3 Year guarantee against defects in workmanship.

The guarantee does not cover features in the wood which are of natural origin. These include knots, spalted effects and voids etc. In many cases wood is selected for pen turning having these features, as they add character and enhance the finished products unique appeal and natural beauty.

In the unlikely event you wish to return your pen, please read our returns policy or contact us.

For guarantee returns please contact us by e-mail prior to returning your pen. Use the address provided in the returns policy section to return your pen. You will be responsible for return postage costs.

We will always attempt to repair your pen; failing this a replacement pen will be offered. Please note that although we can offer similar pen style and wood type of your original pen, an exact match in colour and grain pattern will not be possible.

The guarantee does not cover consumables; ballpoint/Rollerball refills, ink cartridges, pencil leads etc. These are widely available from good stationary suppliers. If you have a problem sourcing these items, please contact us.

The wood on our pens has been finished to a high standard. We will not accept returns for damage to finish due to rough handling. Please care for your pen as you would a piece of fine furniture.