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Holm Oak Wood Baron Fountain Pen #159

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Quercus ilex, the Holly Oak or Holm Oak is a large evergreen oak native to the Mediterranean region. It takes its name from holm, an ancient name for holly.  It is a member of the white oak section of the genus, with acorns that mature in a single summer. It was first introduced to the United Kingdom in the 17th century. The first trees to be planted from acorns in the United Kingdom are still to be found growing within the stately grounds of Mamhead Park, Devon.

The wood is hard and tough, used since ancient times for general construction purposes as pillars, tools, wagons, vessels, and wine casks. Used as well as firewood, or in charcoal manufacture.

The Holm Oak is one of the top three trees used in the establishment of truffle orchards, or truffieres.  The acorns, like those of the Cork Oak, are edible (toasted or as a flour), and are an important food for free-range pigs reared for ibérico ham production. Boiled in water, the acorns can also be used as a medicinal treatment for injury dis-infections.

It can be clipped to form a tall hedge, and it is suitable for coastal windbreaks, in any well drained soil. It forms a picturesque rounded head, with pendulous low-hanging branches. Its size and solid evergreen character gives it an imposing architectural presence that makes it valuable in many urban and garden settings. While Holm Oak can be grown in much of northwestern Europe, it is not tolerant of cold continental winters.

A high quality pen offered with a rich gold plating which has added cobalt for increased durability. A classic look to a stunning pen.

The cap is postable and can be screwed onto the end of the barrel if desired.

This fountain pen features a premium gold and iridium two tone medium sized nib to ensure smooth effortless writing.

Length 129mm
Width (widest point) 13mm
Weight 35g
Nib width : Medium

Included in the price
  • Standard Ink Cartridge
  • Twist Ink Pump so you can use bottled inks
  • Presentation Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Wood information sheet
  • Guarantee
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