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Pink Ivory Wood Ballpoint Pen #144

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Pink Ivory (Berchemia zeyheri), also called Red Ivory, umNini or umGoloty, is a very rare African wood used to make luxury products (for example billiard cues, pens and knives). 

The Pink Ivory tree grows predominantly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. The wood is extremely hard, with a density of 990 g/dm³.
Pink Ivory is the royal tree of the Zulus because only the royal family were allowed to possess the wood. Anyone else possessing the wood (including foreigners) was said to be punished with death. (The death sentence was a legend started in order to increase the value of the wood when sold overseas.)

Lovely slim ballpoint pen

Twist action to extend and retract the point

Nice smooth writing action and uses readily available 'Cross' type refils

Premium 24ct gold plated metal parts

Included in the price
  • Presentation Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Wood information sheet
  • Packaging inside a strong cardboard box
  • Guarantee
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