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Purpleheart Wood Baron Fountain Pen #162

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Purpleheart is not just a hardwood — it's a hard wood to miss! Often boasting a vibrant, deep-purple coloration, it's truly one of nature's wonders.

The Purpleheart tree is native to tropical regions of Central and South America, where they occur in tropical rainforests. They are medium-sized to large trees growing to 30-50 m tall, with trunk diameters of up to 1.5 m. The leaves are alternate, divided into a symmetrical pair of large leaflets 5-10 cm long and 2-4 cm broad. The flowers are small, with five white petals, produced in panicles. The fruit is a pod containing a single seed.

The heartwood is a bright, striking purple when freshly cut, darkening into a deeper purple with age. It has a medium to fine texture with a lustre that ranges from medium to high; its grain is usually straight but can be wavy or irregular.

It's small wonder, though, that Purpleheart is immensely popular among turners and carvers. And because the wood is also available in larger sizes, including lumber, it is often used in cabinetry and fine furniture making.

Pen Information

A high quality pen offered with a bright chrome plating. A classic look to a stunning pen.

The cap is postable and can be screwed onto the end of the barrel if desired.

This fountain pen features a premium gold and iridium two tone medium sized nib to ensure smooth effortless writing.

Length 129mm
Width (widest point) 13mm
Weight 36g
Nib width : Medium

Included in the price
  • Standard Ink Cartridge
  • Twist Ink Pump so you can use bottled inks
  • Presentation Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Wood information sheet
  • Guarantee
  • FREE Delivery on all orders, worldwide